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Expectations vs Reality

By 11th November 2018Tips & Advice

Side view of white Mercedes convertibleKeyless theft.

Modern cars are controlled by minicomputers which, like most things hi-tech, have vulnerability issues making it very easy to hack with the net result of an increase of 56 per cent of (Source: Office of National Statistics figures) stolen cars in England and Wales over the previous year are due to the keyless entry system.

All modern cars have a host of ECU’s which essentially are minicomputers controlling virtually every aspect of your car from fuel, heating, wipers, brakes and of course the cars immobiliser. Hacking into your car’s system negates any security the immobiliser provides and has never been easier for the thief. This is because the thief ‘fools’ the car into thinking the key fob is close by using RFID technology. This enables the thief to ‘interrogate’ the key which, habitually for most of us, is placed within a metre from the front door making life simple for the thief.

My recommendations and simple precautions to take:
Don’t leave your key by the front door for starters!

Faraday Pouch:

Made from a flexible metallic fabric, this blocks data theft (blocks the RFID signal from your key fob)and is a cost effective way to thwart the thief, not only at home, but also at your place of work or every time you leave your vehicle.

Steering Lock:

This is a great deterrent and if the thief gains access to your vehicle, this should stop them driving off.

Wheel clamp:

Also a visual deterrent as time is of the essence for the thief making the possibility of stealing your vehicle less attractive.

Driveway post:

Also a visual deterrent reducing the risk of the vehicle from being driven off.

GPS Tracker:

A GPS Tracker shows real-time location, so if the thief still manages to break into your car and drive it away, you are able to locate the car and inform the police. A GPS Tracker can be programmed for alarm alerts informing you of anyone tampering with your vehicle, so you may have the opportunity to prevent your vehicle from being driven off. A GPS Tracker with an immobiliser facility will prevent your vehicle from being started and driven off as the fuel will be ‘cut off’. Hard wired or magnetic, GPS Trackers are affordable, reliable and a very effective way to protect your vehicle from theft and best used in conjunction with any/all of the above.

Don’t just sit back and wait for it to happen. Statistics are growing every day and yours could be the next vehicle added to the pile of stolen assets if you don’t make a stand today and act by taking one or some of the simple steps above to protect and prevent against theft.

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