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GPS Tracker gives Van Security for Tradesmen….

By 29th September 2017Tips & Advice

Picture of tradesman in back of the van with toolsOn site security with GPS Tracker.

Van security is currently hot on the lips of everyone; whether you have seen it on the news or people pleading for information following a van break in on social media. Up and down the country organised gangs and individual opportunists are pushing the number of vehicle break ins up and up. Tradesmen are being robbed of hundreds of pounds in the form of tools and vehicle repairs, not to mention the negative effect on a business’s reputation when jobs must be cancelled or postponed.

We are proud stockists of the Magnetic Van GPS Tracker . This tracker is fully waterproof with a rechargeable battery giving you 90 days of standby time. The beauty of this tracker is that it can monitor any remote asset by SMS, or App on any smart phone running Android or iOS and over the internet.

Peace of mind with GPS Tracker

When you’re working on site, the Geo-fencing capability allows you to set up a virtual geographic boundary around (an area) by means of GPS enabling software to trigger a response when moved outside this boundary. You can set multiple functions of security, tracking, monitoring surveillance, emergency alarms and management in its entirety. Ideal for those of you who have a van stocked with tools, equipment and stock.

Install isn’t an issue either with its clever and neat design. The Magnetic Van GPS Tracker is universal and isn’t vehicle specific.

If you have a fleet of working vans, no problem, get in touch and we’ll come to a price point that’s affordable.

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