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Street Machine Reviews…

By 8th October 2017News

Street Machine Reviews One Of Our GPS Trackers

It’s been an extremely busy month for Evolve Innovations especially with the fourth edition of Street Machine which hit the streets last week. This is exciting news for us and the first opportunity I’ve had to share this, so in case you’ve not picked up your copy, then be sure to head to W.H.Smiths before they are all sold out, but watch out for the queues because this is a great magazine to read; full of interesting articles, recommended products, stunning imagery and a bit of good old fashioned banter!

Back in the day when I owned an American Muscle (66 Mustang Fastback) car, Street Machine was a firm favourite of mine.

Arising from the ashes after an absence of seven years, the new mag is being led by the formidable Matti Rogers & Dave Smith. It’s as good now, as it was back then, if not better… 

I had the pleasure of meeting Matti at the ‘Retro Rides Gathering’, he was so impressed with one of my trackers that he just had to have one and he’s written a product review!  On page 98

So be sure to pick up a hot magazine off the top-shelf…no. not that one! Street Machine! 

Pssst…You can get back issues if you missed the first few. 

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