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Stolen to Order

By 18th October 2018News
image of green e type jaguar from facebook page

Face book appeal for stolen E type Jag

Not random, but stolen to order!

Car theft has become a lucrative business expanding each year, with cars now being stolen to order with an ever increasing trend for very collectable and desirable cars such as this E type. Cars like this command figures in excess of £100 k in today’s market so you can see what the attraction is.

Statistics show most cars are being shipped abroad, where they fetch even higher prices, which for this unfortunate owner brings no solace even when his insurance company compensates him for the theft.
The bottom line is that this was his pride and joy and he possibly dedicated many hours, along with a considerable amount of money to getting this to it’s outstanding standard. No amount of money will compensate him for this loss, because this was his car!

I truly feel for him as I have owned a few classics in my lifetime and no amount of money from the insurance will ever replace the loss. Possibly one of the hardest realities is that it may never be seen again. I hope for his sake, with the various social platforms someone, somewhere, will see their post and report it to the Police.
But what if they had a tracker installed, hidden in the car; these thieves are professionals and if they want to steal your car they will, having a tracker in itself won’t stop them from the act, but it will alert you (sms alarm alert to your mobile) to any outside tampering of your car giving you potential opportunity to either prevent the theft or if stolen; track your vehicle via the app on your phone or online internet server.

Whether a 60’s classic, or the latest Ford ST protect and prevent these kind of crimes by making the smart decision and effortless installation of a GPS Tracker. www.evolve-innovations.co.uk/about-us.
My GPS Trackers can also immobilise your car, which prevents if from being driven off and if the bastards are loading it onto a low loader, then the vibration alarm alerts to your phone so you can get the theft stopped either way.
Get savvy, it’s happening all the time. Get smart and be a step ahead. Get a GPS Tracker and get started on protecting your pride and joy. It really is a simple step to take.

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