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Marine Theft on the increase. Don’t be a victim!

By 23rd January 2019News

This is a factual blog about assets at risk; namely marine theft.

On my rounds I dropped into a few marinas and chandlers and discovered how prolific the problem of boat and marine equipment theft actually is, actually speaking with a bosun who the week before had his fishing boat stolen which was docked in a marina local to me and needless to say still not recovered. Yes marina’s have security measures in place but these are often passive which means a system (CCTV) to review, catch them if they get away which is too late as what you need is an active system, to catch them in the act and if they manage to get away, then you have a 90% chance of recovery when you have a GPS tracker system in place.

Winter lay up:

I guess having your boat on the hard can prevent access and easy approach from normal activity seen on the water where there is a harbour watch in place which also presents it’s own set of problems as ‘how do you determine owner or thief’ is approaching a vessel in a tender to board.

I was informed outboards have been cut from the transom of boats leading to more expensive damage caused to the boat let alone the cost of the outboard which can range from £6k upwards to £40k plus the stress of dealing with the Police and Insurance company.

Marine theft not only causes emotional anxiety for the owner/victim, but also a significant amount when expensive electrical equipment is stolen.

Resources (Marine Police) are being cut and in some areas disbanding the unit completely which will only result in more theft…

Don’t become a victim in 2019. Take action and do something about it.

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