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Supporting farms in the battle against theft!

By 26th November 2018News

Rural Crime Epidemic

Statistics from the National Farmers Union (NFU) based on claims data for rural crime was estimated to have cost the UK £44.5m last year with an increase of 13.4% on the previous year and rising.

So I decided to pay a visit to a few farms in and around Dorset talking directly to farmers who shared with me what they have had stolen along with their neighbouring farms having equipment and other expensive machinery all removed in the dead of night. As a percentage it’s high as I only visited six farms and was told of two tractor’s stolen within the last week and not yet recovered, but in addition the theft of livestock, tools, machinery and ATV’s is also high on the list.

It seems to be a common and almost a weekly event which must cause a great deal of long-term anxiety and when you consider that the cost of a tractor can exceed £150k, no wonder this is seen as a lucrative business for the thieves.

It’s not just the inconvenience of having your tractor stolen but sorting out an insurance claim, filing a Police report and also finding a replacement tractor and if you are running a busy farm the disruption can have huge ramifications on your livelihood.

It’s organised crime on a grand scale which is so prevalent with almost no support from the Police; due to lack of resources to cover such a large area.

I can fully understand as most farms are so very isolated; the rural communities are out on their own but there are a few security measures which can be taken to safeguard in preventing agricultural vehicle theft.

Evolve Innovations offers an ideal cost effective security and tracking solution for agricultural plant and equipment making sure your tractor is where you left it.

Key benefits:

  •  Real-time location using smartphone or internet server
  • Remote immobilisation using smartphone via app
  • Geo-fence (alarms when outside of chosen location)
  • Ignition on alarm
  • Battery disconnect alarm
  • Vibration alarm (external tampering)
  • Listen in (dial the tracker and listen-in for voice activity)
  • No contract or hidden fees
  • PAYG sim card

Installation service available

If you need further advice regarding your requirements please contact me today on 07761905556 or email me on: [email protected]


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