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Eden Motorhomes partners with Evolve Innovations!

By 6th December 2017News

Two business men shaking hands on dealKeeping Track of your mobile home

Earlier this summer, I met Jack Lyne and Mike Tunnicliffe of Eden Motorhomes and Caravans, who have been trading in quality used motorhomes and caravans for the past thirteen years in Scorrier, Redruth.
I arranged to meet Eden because with motorhomes and caravans high on the list of vehicles targeted by thieves and organised gangs, it was time Evolve Innovations introduced Eden to GPS trackers.

Since then and after meeting Eden’s Joe Lyne recently, who took over in 2015 bringing with him 28 years of industry experience, Joe has identified the benefits and value added service for his customers that Evolve Innovations products can bring to Eden.

GPS Real Time Trackers

As a result of this, I am proud to announce that Eden and Evolve Innovations have formed a strategic alliance where EI will be available to provide Eden’s customers with a unique service supplying and fitting security GPS Real Time trackers, designed to stop criminals at source and guard your vehicle against theft.
EI’s trackers are simple to use, with no fees or contract and through use of an app, you can monitor the location of your caravan or motorhome, giving you peace of mind 24/7.

Once your tracker is fitted and the app set up on your smart phone, if your vehicle is so much as touched you’ll get an alert on your phone enabling you to contact the police and apprehend the thieves in time.
If the thieves manage to remove the vehicle, your app will track and show (real-time tracking) on a map exactly where the vehicle is travelling, again enabling the police to intervene.

So you’ll not only be guaranteed a great service at Eden providing you with a superb selection of motor-homes and caravans, but you can also be confident that they are looking after you and your vehicle way after purchase by steering you towards the wise decision of including the purchase of an Evolve Innovations GPS tracker.

For further information please visit evolve-innovations.co.uk.


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