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Best GPS Watch Tracker For Elderly & Vulnerable People:

By 21st June 2018News

watch showing 12 hour timeThis product, aimed at elderly and vulnerable people, has occupied a lot of my time recently.

I have been communicating with my suppliers research and development department honing the features to bring the wearer (and carer) a tool that is functional, wearable and delivers. I am impressed!

What does this do that others don’t, I hear you ask!
Obviously being a GPS Tracker you have ‘Real-time Location’ of the wearer’s location, which is essential in this application, because this ‘watch’ is aimed at vulnerable people. These can include Alzheimer, Dementia, Autism sufferers for example, or vulnerable people living alone. Wearing a GPS watch tracker gives the wearer, their carer, family and friends, peace of mind.

 Other usual features include:
•Fall down alarm alert
•SOS emergency call button

The added features of this particular product include:
•Pill Alarm (remind wearer to take next medication)
•Sedentary Reminder (remind wearer to get up for activities)
•Heart rate and blood pressure
•Health step (check number of steps and calories burned)

This ‘watch’ tells the time too, is easy to set up and has a clear face and volume controlled voice announcing commands. It’s lightweight, showerproof and looks attractive and modern and will be retailing at around £170 with no contract or set up fees. I also offer a one to one support service if ‘gizmos’ are not your thing.
A GPS Watch Tracker of this standard offers far more than regular personal sensor/alarms because the wearer/carer has absolute control. If assistance is needed, an alert relays instantly to the ‘carer’s’ mobile raising the alarm, so there is no processing delay.
Watch this space readers, my trials and product standards are almost completed which I conduct for all my Trackers so that I can retail with care. All enquiries or pre-orders ring, text, email anytime.

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