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Installing a GPS Tracker is the best line of defence….

By 4th February 2018News

Picture of John Deer Farm Tractor2018 will see an increasing trend in rural theft which has huge cost implications to the farmer and consumers…

Article taken from the NFU Mutual Insurance. (crime report 2017)

Every year rural crime costs millions of pounds and causes untold anxiety across the UK, which is why NFU Mutual analyses its claims data annually to assess the state of crime in the countryside.

Identifying trends in rural thefts from our claims data, and what cost that has on the UK economy, gives us a unique insight into rural crime across the country and over the long-term.

Last year (2016) rural crime cost the UK £39.2 million. Although that’s down a little (4.3%) on the 2015 cost, initial figures for the first half of 2017 suggest the downward trend isn’t going to last.

nfu crime stats for farmers. gps tracker can prevent theft

Where does Evolve Innovations come in.

The simplest solution is to install a GPS security Tracker which will monitor the equipment from any location if someone tries to break in to or move your vehicle. A vibration alert will be sent of any external tampering or movement (being lifted) in the field by sending an alarm alert to the smart phone linked to the tracker. This will obviously occur silently at the scene of the intended theft without any visible or audio indication that it is happening.


Having a GPS security Tracker helps to locate your tracker / vehicle in the event of theft.

Vibration alarm alert to smart phone

  • ACC (ignition key inserted) alarm alert to smart phone
  • Immobilise the fuel or ignition circuit
  • Setup a geofence (virtual boundary) N.B.This can be set up or changed daily if the vehicle is not always parked in the same place (during Harvesting or Ploughing etc.) This will show whether the vehicle is being driven away or transported in a larger carrier vehicle, track-able on Google map as a live crime in progress for Police action.
  • We also offer a mobile installation service
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