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This GPS Tracker is waterproof and light enough to tuck away in a pocket or bag and with all our GPS Trackers it is real-time tracking; ideal for Children, Lone workers, Elderly and vulnerable people.: Dementia and Alzheimer sufferers giving you real peace of mind for your loved ones.

The size and ruggedness with a battery lasting three days or more is also suited for the elderly who perhaps live alone and vulnerable adults; especially any adult who suffers from Dementia or Alzheimer and becomes a valuable safety life-line for protecting those who perhaps are prone to wandering off giving you real peace of mind for your loved ones.

This GPS light weight portable tracker provides independence and added safety as well as peace of mind for family members, ideal for those that perhaps participate in extreme sports or any activity which is solo which gives the user reassurance if anything does happen, he or she can easily be located.

You can call the tracker and receive an instant location map on your smart phone. You can set up voice monitoring. This tracker has an SOS button.

The tracker can be located or monitored by Short Message Service (SMS) or the internet, and by mobile app for both iOS and Android.
Auto track/Voice surveillance

  • SMS Tracking on Google Map
  • APP for smart phone Android and iOS Real-Time Tracking
  • SOS Alarm
  • Geo-Fence.
  • Shaker sensor
  • Excess speed Alert
  • One way Monitoring
  • Movement alert

This requires a sim card.
Sim card needs to be activated.

Additional information


Small light and portable.
IP 65 fully waterproof.
Perfect for child safety.
Perfect for outdoor sports.
Perfect for monitoring elderly, Alzheimer or Dementia sufferers.
Set multiple functions: security, tracking, monitoring, surveillance, emergency alarms.
SOS button.
Built-in microphone for silent listening; call the trackers 'phone number' to listen in with no noise upon connection.
Movement alarm, over-speed alarm, low battery alarm.
Detailed user manual included.
Downloadable App-free.
Dimensions: 50mm x 50 mm x 20 mm
Weight 50 g

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