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This OBD tracker is easy to install and tracking literally within minutes, which is ideal for anybody who does not feel competent enough to install one of our hard-wired trackers. This connects directly into your OBD port (on board diagnostic) which manufacturers incorporated in to all vehicles from as early as 1996 so unless your vehicle is older, then you can choose this tracker if you want a quick install. You simply plug this in!

This OBD tracker offers real-time time tracking on your smart phone (android or ios) giving you a google map location via sms or you can download the app and check the history of the vehicle.

Setting up a geo-fence creates a virtual geographical boundary enabling you to keep track on your vehicle if parked away from your property. If the vehicle moves outside this particular boundary which is set by you either using the App or via the internet (online server) the tracker triggers an alert to your mobile device if it leaves this particular area.

The shake sensor alerts you to the slightest movement of the vehicle, such as someone trying the door handle.

Easy to set up with the following alarms:

  • Movement alert.
  • Over speed alarm.
  • Shake sensor.
  • Geo-fence
  • Also monitor with an internet (server) based platform.
  • Comes with downloadble Quick Start (phone App) online tracking manual.
  • Comes with A4 downloadble user manual.
  • Comes with downloadble App set-up manual.

Requires a SIM card to work.
Sim card needs to be activated.

Additional information


Supports SMS / GPS / Internet Network data transmission.
Auto track continuously: track by time and distance interval.
Location based service (LBS) + GPS double real time tracking solution.
Sleep by shock sensor mode, sleep by time mode.
Get Absolute street address by SMS
Detailed user manual included.
Downloadable App-free.
Dimensions : 53mm x 46mm x 23mm
Weight 45g

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