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Heartless thieves steal from NHS staff

By 17th April 2020News

Certainly a cause for concern:

As more Facebook postings of this nature are being posted during this coronavirus pandemic.

Clearly a slick operation with the driver standing by their van for a speedy getaway should they be disturbed. Most NHS hospitals and NHS trust hospitals operate surveillance cameras (CCTV) on and around the hospital grounds to:

• Protect staff, patients, visitors and Trust property
• Apprehend and prosecute offenders, and provide evidence to take criminal or civil court action
• Provide a deterrent effect and reduce unlawful activity
• Help provide a safer environment for staff

Question: What can a tracker do that my vehicle immobiliser can’t?

Answer: One of the many benefits with my GPS trackers that I sell is offering the ability to detect a tamper (vibrations) with your vehicle by sending you an SMS message alerting you to a possible intrusion (break-in) which may, or may not be criminal activity, but at least giving you the opportunity to investigate through the necessary channels in real-time.

I have experienced this with my works vehicle when I was installing a tracker on a small sailing yacht which enabled me to challenge and stop some possible theft at the time.

There are many key benefits having a GPS tracker fitted and depending on the competency of the installer (owner of the vehicle) depicts the type of tracker to fit. Either a hard-wired tracker, or an OBD (on-board diagnostic) or a magnetic tracker which is transportable without the need for a direct connection to your car battery.

Each tracker comes with a free downloadable app for android or iPhone thereby giving you easy management to monitor and send commands such as; geofencing, disable fuel/ignition, along with real-time alerts offering you peace and mind.

I hope you find this informative and this answers one of the number one question I am asked, but feel free to use the contact form for any questions and I will respond to you as quickly as possible.

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